Rock legend Brian Johnson visited Brands Hatch today (Wednesday) looking for the perfect tonic for years of touring on the road.

The AC/DC front-man took to the Indy circuit for a trackday in a Porsche Carrera GT3, and we caught up with him moments after stepping out of the car.

“I’ve been on tour for two years and I’m rusty as heck and I’m trying to get un-rusted, and Brands Hatch certainly helps loosen me up, especially in the bowel region!” Johnson quipped.

“Paddock Hill Bend is breathtaking when you’re not used to it and Druids comes up on you pretty quickly when you’re flying. You’ve got to be thinking all the time; the only chance you get to have a quick smoke on your cigarette is the straightaway here but I’m sure the marshals wouldn’t approve of that! You seem to be continuously working here and thinking about the next move.”

Johnson is not a newcomer to Brands Hatch, having done a similar experience almost 40 years ago.

“The last time I was here was in 1973 when they had a Radio One day, and all the pop stars were here. At the time I was in a band called Geordie and we were all invited down to drive Formula Ford cars, and I got in and I was terrified! I’d never been in a race car before!”

But despite retaining some track knowledge, Johnson admitted he was still blown away by the circuit.

“This is one tricky track, it’s for pros! It’s tricky but it’s lovely to be on it and learn it and I’ve frightened the life out of myself! I’ve been out all day in a Carerra GT3, and I’m getting some great instruction. I’m trying to get up to speed because I’ve just bought a Ferrari 458 and it’s getting delivered soon.”

Johnson, who is no stranger to track action having raced in America, admits that driving Brands Hatch is something all drivers should experience.

“You’ve got to come here on a track day. If you watch races on TV and you think ‘well that’s not very fast’ believe me, you come on this track and I guarantee if you just go hell for leather without any instruction you will go off! I mean it’s just so fast you go off! It’s fantastic and I’m so glad to be here!”

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